June 19, 2021

Today we are going to collect all that advice – from a grandmother to a scientist! – that you and yours should put into practice to always keep every wooden piece of furniture in your home looking new.

Take note and share, you are about to extend the life and beauty of your favorite furniture!

Trick No. # 1: never use ammonia for wood

Yes, we know, that “special for wood” product contains it. And that other one too. And that one there. But forget it: ammonia is abrasive and will eventually destroy the shine and color of your favorite wooden furniture.
Instead, choose natural products that are more delicate on the surface and less dangerous for your family and the environment.

7 tricks to take care of your wooden furniture
7 tricks to take care of your wooden furniture

Trick No. 2: dusting every day, waxing every week

Sounds like a lot of work? Believe us: it is not. Get special wet wipes for cleaning wood (in almost all supermarkets you can find them now, from different brands and even their own brands, much cheaper).
If every day, or every two, at the most, you take a washcloth and simply wipe it on the surface of your wooden furniture, it will take less than a couple of minutes to always have it impeccable and prevent dust and dirt from starting to appear . create spots or fences.
Once a week polish them with quality protective waxes (after dusting and letting them dry), and you will see that your furniture will stand the test of the years better than Benjamin Button. I was looking for love at the bar.

7 tricks to take care of your wooden furniture

Trick No. 3: protect wood from sunlight, water and air conditioning

The best thing is that you think of that piece of furniture as a small child: you would not put it in the sun, or leave it wet, or in front of an air conditioner, right?
Wood is sensitive to the sun because it corrodes its color and shine; and water and air conditioning are extremely dangerous to rot its composition and abruptly alter its natural expansion and contraction. Therefore, if we talk about outdoor furniture, we apply special protective wood varnishes from day one for these circumstances.

Trick No. 4: watch out for the heat

Similarly, heat can damage the surface, damage protective waxes and varnishes, and abruptly widen the wood where it is applied.
Therefore, do not leave hot containers directly on it, or the damage will be so permanent that you will have to sand the marks that remain to make them disappear.

Trick No. # 5: use walnuts to repair wood

This beauty of the trick is a direct inheritance of the wisdom of luthiers or luthiers, dedicated creators of plucked and plucked string instruments.
They know better than anyone that essential oils from walnuts, so beneficial for our brain, are ideal for repairing chafing in wood.
The technique is simple: open a walnut, rub its fruit with the damaged part of the furniture, moving the walnut in the direction of the grain of the wood. The pulp of the walnut and its oil will begin to melt and create a restorative layer.
Then you just need to wipe with a soft cloth to spread the solution evenly.

Trick # 6: Repair with a mixture of wine vinegar and olive oil.

In equal parts, this mixture will nourish the surface of the wood in an excellent way, applied with a cotton cloth and very carefully. Then, you just have to let it dry for a full hour, and finish by applying a wax of the right color to achieve the desired shine.
You can also change the wine for lemon oil, reduced by half a liter of vegetable oil, and spread this mixture with a clean and soft cloth.

Trick No. 7: remove liquid stains from wood

Wait until the stain is dry, then spread some mayonnaise on it. Yes, yes, as you read it: mayonnaise.
Subsequently rub with a cotton cloth until everything disappears completely.
If you follow all these guidelines, our skilled carpenters will give a long and happy life to all your wooden utensils.