June 24, 2021

In the details is the secret, that is why it is vitally important that you give your home an always unique appearance. Remember that maintaining balance in your spaces will favor the flow of energy and will allow you to print your personal stamp in each space of your house.
That is why today we will give you 7 tips that you should take into account when furnishing your spaces:

Sense of proportion: Take into account the space you have, so you will know what is the appropriate measure for your furniture.

The style: Always check that the style you are looking for is the right one to match the spaces in your home.

The tones: knowing which tones match the decoration is important, since you will be able to choose the color of the furniture in the correct way.

Less is more: Minimalism is a trend that will not go out of style, that is why the less you recharge your spaces with unnecessary objects, you will give a better appearance visually speaking to the decoration.

Harmony: Allows a balance to exist between decoration and furnishings, so you will find the perfect harmony between simplicity and delicacy.

Dining Room

• Comfort: Always look for furniture that gives structure to your spaces, but at the same time gives you comfort and delicacy.

• Designs that last: Always choose designs that last over time, colors like white or black will always be the best bet.

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